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Back in the very early 2000s, while still in elementary school, my neighbor back then had this really fierce and scary dog.

I remember always walking home from school and getting terrified as I approach my neighbor's fence—kind of traumatizing.

Since I didn't grow up with a dog in my family home, I didn't have many positive experiences with dogs in my early life.

Fast forwards a few years later. Something changed in me.

This once terrifying dog of my neighbor suddenly seemed less frightening to me.

Slowly I started experiencing the good side of dogs, and then - I fell in love.

Ever since then, I've been taking care of dogs, petting random ones on the street, and researching about them.

My hope is that my love for dogs will carry over to you and expand your heart even further.

My mission is to ultimately help you improve your relationship with your dog. By sharing my knowledge, I can give you the tools to make the best decisions for you both.

Oh, I almost forgot. Please meet my very adorable yet mischievous Oogie the Frenchie!

My dog, Oogie the Frenchie.

How I Create Content
Every piece of content on this site begins with in-depth research. I leave no stone unturned.

Sometimes, though, I will use other writers to help me massage the information into a better article or meet some deadlines.

This doesn't mean that the quality or trustworthiness of the article is worse as a result. Every writing is edited and put to life by me at the end.

A Note About Products
I may sometimes recommend products I like throughout the site.

I selected those very carefully for your benefit. I have either successfully tried them with my own dog or have considered expert opinions on them.

Yes, I may also receive a small commission if you decide to buy one of them. But, I always choose to recommend a product based on actual experience and not the payout at the end.

What's In It For You?
Know you're always getting the most up-to-date and trustworthy information for your pup.

Everything on this site is evidence-based without any bias and will always stay that way.

Hopefully, you'll feel it for yourself when you consume the content.

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