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10 Easy Ways to Get Dog Hair Out of Your Car

By Aviram K.
Published in Training & Behavior
July 22, 2021
5 min read
10 Easy Ways to Get Dog Hair Out of Your Car
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Like most dog lovers, you adore your pup and want to take them with you everywhere.

You love opening the car door for them to jump inside and enjoy watching your dog settle in and prepare for adventure.

From the beach to doggy play dates to running errands, there’s no limit to the memories you can make together. These sweet voyages do come at a small price, however.

More often than not, your car is covered in dog hair!

A certain amount of dog hair in your life and in your car is unavoidable. It’s a reality that most dog owners happily make peace with.

Although some dog hair will always be present, there are still ways to reduce the amount of hair in your car.

Pet hair is thicker and generally more challenging to remove from car surfaces than human hair. Covering your seats and brushing your dog can help prevent buildup. In addition, tools like wire brushes, duct tape, and dog hair removers can eliminate dog hair and keep your car clean.

In this article, I will explain why removing dog hair can be difficult and share ways to prevent it from building up in the first place.

Then, I will lay out 10 easy ways to remove dog hair that will help keep your car looking tidy without having to sacrifice fun times with your pup.

Let’s get rolling!

Table of Contents
Why Dog Hair Can Be Difficult to Remove
How To Prevent Dog Hair from Getting in Your Car
10 Easy Ways to Get Dog Hair Out of Your Car
No More Hairy Cars Here!

Why Dog Hair Can Be Difficult to Remove

While humans certainly do our fair share of shedding, pet hair is much different than ours.

For starters, dog hair is thicker than human hair and has more protein. Pups also shed at a naturally higher rate to maintain hygiene and stabilize body temperature.

In addition to all that, dog hair absorbs static electricity more than human hair. This is why dog hair sticks more readily to car surfaces like leather and upholstery.

How To Prevent Dog Hair from Getting in Your Car


There is no way to entirely prevent dog hair from getting in your car, but there are a few ways to help reduce the amount of it:

Brush Your Dog

The easiest way to make sure less dog hair gets in your car is to give your dog a thorough brushing before they get in. This will help remove loose hairs that would have wound up on your car’s interior.

Cover Your Seats

Covering your seats makes it very difficult for dog hair to get on the interior of your car.

This tactic still isn’t perfect as there is no way to completely prevent your pet from shedding. In addition, your dog’s loose hairs can be blown around by the air conditioner and may land on the area of your car that isn’t covered.

Still, covering your seats will drastically cut down on the amount of dog hair you find in your car.

10 Easy Ways to Get Dog Hair Out of Your Car


As I said earlier, dealing with some amount of dog hair is inevitable. Brushing your dog and covering your car seats can go a long way to prevent a buildup of dog hair in your car.

Let’s take a look at these 10 easy ways to get dog hair out of your vehicle:

Handheld Vacuum

Using a handheld vacuum is a quick and effective way to remove dog hair from your car. Unfortunately, a vacuum may not pick up dog hair that is embedded into your upholstery. Still, it will suck up the majority of the hair on the surface of your car.

This handheld Black + Decker Pet Dustbuster is a powerful and fantastic option for reaching dog hair in hard-to-reach cracks and crevices.

Lint Roller

Lint rollers are a low-cost option to peel pet hair up and away from your car’s interior. Lint rollers are generally inexpensive, simple to use, and excellent at picking up pet hair.

Regular lint rollers are usually strong enough.

There are lint rollers on the market that are stickier and made specifically to remove pet hair if you need something more.

For example, PetLovers Lint Rollers for Pet Hair makes an Extra Sticky lint roller that is excellent at picking up tough pet hair.

Duct Tape

Duct tape works to remove dog hair similarly to the way a lint roller works.

First, simply measure out enough duct tape to wrap around your hand with the sticky side facing out. Next, gently blot the duct tape over the area to pick up the hair. When the tape stops picking up hair, just measure out a fresh piece and repeat the process.

Gorilla Tape makes a fabulously strong duct tape that can help get the job done.

Rubber Gloves

Rubber gloves are a fun, hands-on option to remove dog hair from your car. Put on your gloves, and make sure to rub your car interior in one direction. For hair that is extra stubborn, try wetting your gloves and repeating the same process.

Vgo Rubber Gloves feature a long sleeve and are made of durable, thick rubber to protect your hands as you wipe dog hair away.

Inflated Balloon

Balloons are a creative way to remove surface dog hair from your car. An inflated balloon works by enacting static electricity to remove dog hair. But it won’t likely get dog hair that is deeply caked into your car’s fabric.

These fun turquoise-colored, thick latex balloons from UTOPP are a great and reliable option for clearing dog hair from your car’s interior.

Dog Hair Remover

If you’re looking for a deeper clean, you may want to try a dog hair remover. This is a brush explicitly created to remove dog hair from surfaces. These brushes are designed to get down deep and take on the tougher job of lifting hair that may be embedded into your car’s interior.

Lilly Brush Mini Pet Hair Detailer is tough yet gentle. Its soft rubber edges work to remove trapped dog hair with less risk of scratching your car’s upholstery.

Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets are capable of picking dog hair up from your car’s surfaces. Dryer sheets may not be the best option if you have a lot of ground-in hair, but they are capable of quickly and easily lifting surface hair from your car.

You can protect your dog’s space from any unnecessary chemicals by using Bounce Free & Gentle Dryer Sheets. These are dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic, and contain no dyes or perfumes.

Pumice Stone

Using a pumice stone can help loosen dog hair that’s been pressed into your car’s upholstery.

First, I recommend you spray the surface you wish to target with a fabric softener to dull the roughness of the pumice. After spraying the area, lightly scrub the spot in one direction. After a few scrubs, dunk the pumice stone into a bucket of water to remove debris and continue scrubbing until the surface is clean.

Pumice stones are highly effective in removing hair. However, I recommend researching to ensure this method isn’t too rough and verify it’s safe for your car’s interior.

The Caveman Cleaning Stone is a gentle yet effective, all-natural option for removing dog hair from the inside of your car.

Wire Brush

Another more powerful way to remove dog hair from your car is by using a wire brush. Just as with the pumice stone, I recommend making sure a wire brush won’t damage your car’s interior before giving it a try. The stiff bristles of a wire brush make lifting embedded dog hair a cinch.

A wire brush like HERTZ Slicker Brush can remove mats from your dog’s hair as well as stubborn pet hair that has lodged itself inside of your car’s interior.


The same squeegees used to clean glass surfaces are an excellent choice for scrubbing dog hair that has lodged itself into your car’s upholstery.

Using a squeegee to scrub and scrape the dog hair off your car’s interior is a practical, low-cost option to remove harder to clean dog hair.

This Squeegee by Desired Tools features two extra silicone replacement blades and a foam handle, allowing you to comfortably work as you scrape away dog hair quickly, layer by layer.

No More Hairy Cars Here!


No doubt you love to take your dog everywhere. Luckily this doesn’t mean you’re forced to deal with hairy consequences in your car if you do!

With tactics to prevent hair from building up in the first place, along with tricks to remove surface and deeply embedded hair, keeping your car tidy has never been easier.

Why choose between a clean car and unforgettable trips with your favorite furry sidekick? Thankfully, you don’t have to. Happy cleaning!

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