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Dog Looks Like They Still Have Balls After Being Neutered? Here’s Why

By Aviram K.
September 27, 2022
4 min read
Dog Looks Like They Still Have Balls After Being Neutered? Here’s Why
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So, you finally did it. You got your dog neutered!

You feel a little bad about having to snip your buddy’s private parts, but you believe the benefits outweigh the risks.

Relieved to complete the process, you take a peek to see how they’re healing.

Only you see something you weren’t expecting to see: it looks like their balls are still there!


Did the doctor miss a spot? Did they even perform the surgery at all?

Due to swelling, it’s normal for dogs to look like they still have balls after being neutered. In younger dogs, the area will flatten, and in older dogs, a flap of skin will remain. Nevertheless, neutering surgery is a relatively simple and standard procedure that may help reduce undesirable doggy behavior.

In this article, I will explain why your dog looks like he still has balls after being neutered. I will also reveal what happens in the neutering surgery.

Seeing your dog’s balls staring back at you after they’ve been neutered can be jarring, indeed.

They’re supposed to be gone!

Believe me, when I say they are. It just doesn’t look like it yet.

Join me as I explore exactly why this happens, and you’ll understand in no time.

Let’s go!

Table of Contents
Why Your Dog Looks like He Still Has Balls After Being Neutered
What Happens in the Neutering Surgery
A Quick Snip and They're Gone (Promise)!

Why Your Dog Looks like He Still Has Balls After Being Neutered


Your pup’s just been neutered, so there should be no trace of his balls, right?

Well, kinda.

I can guarantee that if your dog has just undergone neutering surgery, their balls are totally gone. The tricky part is it may not look like it for a while.

Swelling is a natural result of almost any surgery. It is the reason why your pup’s balls still appear to be as present as ever.

Your dog’s scrotum area may remain swollen for around 5-7 days after surgery. Still, you should notice the swelling will gradually resolve.

If your dog is very young, the area where their balls once were will flatten out as they continue to grow. However, if your dog is older when the neutering surgery is performed, they will likely be left with a flap of skin where their balls used to be.

So, the appearance of a full scrotum after your dog’s neutering surgery is normal!

You can rest assured that your pup’s doctor knows what they’re doing. I promise they didn’t “miss some” or skip over your pup’s surgery entirely!

What Happens in the Neutering Surgery

There’s a lot to research, learn and know about neutering your dog. It’s good to look into the myths, facts, benefits, and downsides to see if neutering surgery is for your pup.

Here are a few general things to know about it:

  • Neutering surgery can be performed on young and older dogs alike
  • It will impact your pup’s hormones but shouldn’t change their overall personality
  • The surgery may help with behavioral issues but isn’t a cure-all for undesirable behavior
  • Getting neutered may provide protection from prostate problems and testicular cancer

In regards to the mechanics of what happens in the neutering surgery, here is a basic outline of the procedure:

They’ll Be Asleep and Free of Pain

Neutering surgery requires general anesthesia. Your dog will be asleep during the surgery, given pain medication, and their vitals will be monitored closely.

Your Pup Is Prepped for Surgery

Before surgery begins, the veterinary technician will clip, shave, clean and disinfect the area where your dog will have surgery.

The Incision Is Made

Neutering surgery nearly always requires only one incision, but sometimes, two incisions are made. An open castration may be needed if your pup’s parts are on the larger side, but a closed castration may also be performed, depending on your dog’s needs.

Testicles Are Removed

Next, the surgeon will push your pup’s testicles up out of the incision, clamp over the area to prevent bleeding, and create multiple knots around the structure as they separate your pup’s testicles from their body.

Your Dog’s Skin Is Sealed

After your pup’s testicles have successfully been removed, their surgeon will close up the incision. This will typically be done with sutures under the skin, dissolvable sutures, skin sutures that are removable within 10-14 days, and/or surgical tissue glue.

Recovery Begins

When your pup has successfully undergone their neutering surgery, they will enter their recovery process.

Immediately following surgery, your pup should be monitored and kept from any play or strenuous activity. You will want to ensure they don’t lick, bite or paw at the surgery area.

It is also recommended that your pup should wear an e-collar, go on short leash-only walks, and have their surgery site kept dry for a whole week.

Neutering surgery is a simple and routine procedure with minimal side effects. But you will still want to keep a watchful eye over your pup.

Reach out to your vet immediately if you see any of the following:

  • Swelling that comes and goes or moves locations, potentially signaling a hernia
  • Redness or warmth on the surgery area 24 hours post-surgery
  • Smell, discharge, or an opening at the incision-site
  • Vomiting, shortness of breath, lack of appetite, or difficulty going to the bathroom

A Quick Snip and They’re Gone (Promise)!


It can be pretty perplexing after your dog has come out of neutering surgery, yet you still see a bulge in the space where their testicles used to be!

But it’s okay. It’s totally normal to see that scrotal-looking lump, even after your pup’s neutering surgery. It’s just due to swelling and will go down soon enough.

Reviewing the breakdown of what your pup will experience during neutering surgery may also help put your mind at ease about the whole process.

With just a quick snip, your pup will be truly living the ball-free life in no time!

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