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Can a Dog Get a Cat Pregnant?

By Aviram K.
October 27, 2021
4 min read
Can a Dog Get a Cat Pregnant?
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Some pairings in life fit together so well that they are just obvious.

You know, the basics: ice-cold water on a hot day. Macaroni and cheese. A good book on a rainy afternoon.

But other things go together surprisingly better than you would think:

French fries dipped in milkshakes. Cheddar and Caramel Chicago-Style popcorn; if you’ve never tried it, you can thank me later!

Cats and…dogs?

Wait, those two don’t go together…

Or do they?

Dogs and cats cannot breed with each other. A dog may mount or cuddle with a cat from time to time, but a dog can’t get a cat pregnant because their DNA is not similar enough.

In this article, I will discuss exactly why dogs and cats can’t breed with each other. I will also talk about what animals a dog can breed with. Finally, I will wrap things up by exploring a few of the various wolf-dog hybrids that exist.

Feeling intrigued?

Let’s dive in!

Table of Contents
Why Dogs and Cats Can’t Breed with Each Other
What Animals Can Dogs Breed With?
Let’s Explore Some Popular Wolf-Dog Hybrids
Dogs and Cats Can’t Breed, but There’s Still so Many Other Cool Possibilities!

Why Dogs and Cats Can’t Breed with Each Other


The idea of a cat and a dog breeding may not seem so far-fetched. If you remember the cult classic film Napoleon Dynamite, you probably remember Napoleon’s “skill” of doodling Ligers. This playful example of mixing a lion with a tiger was actually many people’s first introduction to the fascinating world of hybrid animals.

Napoleon’s Ligers sound cool but are they really possible?

Turns out they are!

So, if ligers are a thing, can a dog be bred with a cat?

Interestingly, the answer is…no!

A dog cannot be bred with a cat because their genes aren’t similar enough. Unlike tigers and lions, who can unite to create a liger, dogs and cats do not genetically share the same sequence of base molecules.

If this is true, why do dogs and cats seem to participate in mating-like behavior?

It may not be uncommon to catch your dog trying to mount or snuggle with your cat from time to time.

But it’s not what it looks like.

Your dog and cat are not participating in these activities with the intention of mating. It’s more likely that these things are happening out of boredom, affection, or a desire to exert dominance.

Even though intimate play between dogs and cats can be totally adorable, it still isn’t enough to overcome the genetic barriers between them.

Sometimes you may even actually catch your dog acting like a cat!

Still, at the end of the day, dogs and cats can play and hang out together all they want…but they can’t reproduce.

But not all hope of the idea of a fun puppy-hybrid is lost.

There are actually some animals a dog can breed with!

What Animals Can Dogs Breed With?


Wolves, coyotes, and other domestic dogs can all breed with canines.

Dog’s ancestry can be traced back to wolves.

This can easily explain your dog’s behavior as a pack animal.

You may notice your pup can display some very wolf-like instincts, such as:

  • Protecting your home
  • Guarding you and your family
  • Leading you and other animals
  • & Hunting prey, along with several other primal actions

Dogs and wolves are so similar that DNA analysts can’t tell the genetic difference between dogs, wolves, or wolf-dog hybrids.

Dogs and coyotes can breed but are a bit less similar than wolves and dogs are.

Dogs and coyotes can unite to create coydogs, red wolves, and coywolves.

Coyotes, dogs, and wolves are all similar in that they are pack animals. They are all social beings who co-exist with one another in a delicate and deliberate pack-hierarchy.

All of these animals work together to hunt, protect and live amongst one another.


Now onto the fun part!

Dogs can actually be bred with wolves to offer a majestic, primal and fierce alternative to your standard house dog.

If you would like to add a little edge to your household or to your growing clan of furry friends, consider looking into some of these wolf-dog hybrids:

Siberian Husky

This athletic, loyal and gentle-tempered pup is a great choice for a family with young children. However, it’s important to remember that this wolf-dog hybrid must be exercised and groomed frequently.

Siberian Huskies also love adventure and are known to be high-jumpers. They could be a fun addition to a young, fun-loving family!


This fluffy, herding dog is a big bundle of love! The Samoyed is the quintessential cuddle-buddy, but you may want to note that their thick coats can also make them a project to brush and maintain.

German Shepherd-Husky Mix

Calm enough for young children but active enough to keep you on your toes, a German Shepherd-Husky Mix can be a vibrant addition to your household!

You definitely want to keep in mind that this intelligent mix can become destructive when bored. Therefore, it is important to keep them stimulated and also secured within the confines of a fenced-in yard.


An adorable cross between a Pomeranian and a Siberian Husky, the Pomksy is a tiny treasure to behold. These little bursts of energy need a lot of exercise and only grow to be about 35-40 pounds max!


On the larger end of the spectrum, you have Akitas. This muscular, Japanese wolf-dog hybrid can grow to be up to about 130 pounds! This regal pup is revered as a symbol of happiness, health, and longevity.

Dogs and Cats Can’t Breed, but There’s Still so Many Other Cool Possibilities!


If you’re thinking about adding some diversity to your family by bringing a cat home, you can rest assured: your cat and dog will stay in the friendzone. They may share some affectionate playtime, but you don’t have to be concerned that your dog will be able to impregnate your cat.

It’s just not possible!

But just because your dog and cat can’t breed, it doesn’t mean you can’t explore some other fun dog-hybrid possibilities!

As you learned in this article, there are several wolf-dog hybrids to choose from. Many of these dogs are friendly, active, and even suitable for families with small children. But, on the flip side, many of them also can require a lot of exercise and a little more grooming than your average pup.

But all it takes is a little research to find out if one of these one-of-a-kind canines could be a match for you.

Who knows…maybe a unique wolf-dog hybrid is the perfect fit for you and your family!

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